Youth & Family: Pizza, Cycles, & More!

Thanks to everyone who was able to join the pizza party Sunday, June 9th. We had a great time and explored some exciting new possibilities for the coming year including:

  • Events on-site, off-site & on-line
  • Creative writing, music & movement activities
  • Teaming up with other Unity Youth+Family in the area
  • Youth+Family community service opportunities
  • Cross-generational activities with Seattle Unity members
  • Bringing friends & friends of friends
  • Experimenting with different days & times to see what works best
  • Having international pen pals
  • And more…

Also, I want to extend a big thank you to all who helped us co-host the deCycles dinner on Monday, June 17th as well as an early send-off breakfast Wednesday, June 19th. It’s exciting to think about those 30 adults & youth launching their adventures from Seattle Unity. Imagine all the amazing sights and experiences between here now and when they arrive by bicycles at their destination in Los Angeles! Can’t wait to here all about it.

Please keep your ideas coming and watch for announcements via text, e-mail, phone, newsletter and website. Reach me at or by voice or text to 206-818-8515. Thanks!