Youth & Family Ministry Update


Summer is coming. That means Unity events your kiddos and their friends could jump into with other Unity kiddos around the region! Check into the sign-up / costs / scholarships as follows:

6/30-7/3  Kids Camp (Ages 7-11; Grades 1-5)
Camp Cedar Ridge, Vernonia, OR.

7/28-8/2  UniTeens UniTreat (Ages 11-14; Grades 6-8)
Camp Cedar Ridge, Vernonia, OR.

8/1-8/4  YOU (Ages 14-18; Grades 9-12)
YOU Camp Cedar Ridge, Vernonia, OR.

In addition to these regional events, watch for scheduled and spontaneous opportunities to meet-up with Unity for a wide-range of YFM spiritual, fun, educational opportunities for personal growth & development that I’ll be setting up on-site and off-site for all who are available to jump in.

Over the past few weeks, many of you have shared your interest to do YFM activities; but also the scheduling challenges we face due to sports, school, and other activities. Let’s try a few experiments in terms of types / timing of YFM opportunities. Pleases feel free to jump in as often as you can – we’ll make the most of each opportunity and look forward to seeing you when you can join us. 😊