Youth & Family Ministries Restarted!

YFM restarts August 28th

Beginning Aug 28th, youth programs are once again available for in-person Sunday 10 a.m. services.

Please arrive a bit early, to register your child and help settle them into the environment. Youth classrooms are located on the ground floor.


Welcome Rev. James 

Seattle Unity welcomes long-time community member and teacher Rev. James Tierney into the role of Director of Youth & Family Ministries.

A note from James:

“I am so happy to be back in youth ed. I have taught all ages and have enjoyed engaging with the

 kids and creating curricula, especially Harry Potter and the tapestries of world religions.  We hope to tie our lessons loosely to Karen’s Tree of Life and future themes with the goal of fostering fun family discussions.

Our new kid space is wonderful, beautifully located with easy access to the patio and views of Denny Park. 

Youth and Family Ministry is integral to our spiritual home.  The kids bring energy, creativity, and friendship, and the staff and volunteers bring their whole hearts to keep everyone engaged, learning, and safe.”

Rev. James Tierney