This week in Youth Ed, June 23rd

Our first month at Metropolist
     2931 1st Ave S Suite A, Seattle, WA 98134

Happy June Youth Ed Friends and Family,

Our theme this month…
our first in our temporary space is: The Power of Strength —The ability to endure, stay the course, persevere.

The corresponding color is spring green and the location is at the loins.
Learn more about the Power of STRENGTH at Unity Worldwide Ministries:



This Sunday we will dive further into the Power of Strength with James, the Unikids and Uniteens through a Harry Potter Lesson where we will create a Love Potion and explore the Strength of Love as Divine Power/Agape vs love as infatuation or desperation.

Please note here where to drop of your youngsters:

Preschoolers can be dropped off with Sandi in the Nursery.

  • 1st – 5th meet in the classroom.
  • Uniteens + YOU meet in the Uniteen room upstairs

PLEASE REMEMBER to sign your child in and out, thanks.