Youth & Family: Police Horse Stables & More!

We’ve been having some great Sundays in Youth+Families: the classes 10-11, the extra curricular activities afterward – it’s good to see positive momentum building. Lots of people have been offering ideas and jumping in to volunteer in a variety of roles. It’s great!

Two youth are going to make the Step Up from kindergarten to first grade. We’ll mark this event with a ceremony – and also will be seeking more support in the classrooms on Sundays. As we get more youth involved, it’s a great opportunity for Seattle Unity to grow our involvement with them. Please text me at 206-818-8515 if you’re ready, willing and able to help out in the nursery and also the youth moving up and out of the nursery.

In addition, Youth+Families is exploring new ways of getting together on-site, off-site and even on-line. We had a great time during the recent Pizza Party with Youth, Family and Friends of Youth & Family.

We discussed the summer camps for each age group and provided the follow-up details to those who are interested to get involved;

We agreed to schedule fun get togethers not only after church on Sundays, but other days and times of the week to accommodate different peoples’ preferences;

We are researching fun off-site field trips like the Police Horse Stables for a tour and talk with the horseback officers who care for these beautiful horses;

We are looking forward to involving all of Seattle Unity in multigenerational activities for everyone to know each other more and more;

We’re also looking for local area Unity “combo” events where we team up with other Unity congregations Youth & Family to enjoy larger group activities than any single group can enjoy alone;  and

To create Y+F events at Seattle Unity of really interesting subjects and activities that can attract Y+F in our neighborhood  to jump in with us for larger group fun beyond the Unity network alone.

Keep your eyes and ears open for each opportunity to be announced by newsletter, text, e-mail, and announcements in-person. Jump in as often as you can!