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Standard info (Not during COVID crisis)

Location:  Metropolist   2931 1st Ave S, 98134
Network: Metropolist Guest
Password: metropolist


See Dropbox Sunday Planning Sheet for other notes

Order of Service vids for October 4th

Timing:   Links to component vids must come to me by 10.a.m. TUESDAY September 28th  (earlier is great).

Please put all component vids into the appropriate folder in dropbox (services->Sunday Services-> Service videos)

Here is a tip sheet for people doing self-video, with filming and transfer guidelines.
I am HAPPY to help any contributors with the tech elements here, just have people contact me at erinm@seattleunity.org.

IMPORTANT:   If you’re not sure their material will be on time, please alert me ASAP and specify what help you’d like.  Please do not let a deadline pass without letting me know.

Team is:
Staff host – Karen L
Worship Arts – Nhojj, plus Jimmie Herrod
Reading – Bonnie Pasek
Offering – Greg Rupert (re-using existing vid)
Closing – Diane Robertson (re-using existing vid)

– please alert me ASAP if there are others who need to be credited – interviews, meditation people, Board, etc.
Don’t let me leave anyone out.

1) Titles

2) Nhojj song – Dance to the Music

3) Karen Welcome, prayer, and mention of Pet Blessing today

4) Announcements video – BY KAREN R

5) Umoja video ad – featuring Jimmie Herrod audio of Peace Song

6) Reading – Bonnie Pasek (tentative?)

7) Karen L meditation intro

8) Fish Meditation

9) Nhojj song – Dream

10) Karen Talk

11) Offering  – Greg Rupert (re-use)

12) Closing prayer – Diane Robertson (re-use)

13) credits

If there are parts of this that don’t work for you, LET ME KNOW NOW, and we can shift it so it fits into your workflow.



Q/A considerations for each service:
vid/audio quality
vid length
diversity of faces and demographic representation
interactivity – is it involving
emotional impact – does it open people
mission/vision and stated leadership priorities (e.g. incorporating congregant faces)
branding and sustainability – does it support stated ongoing institutional needs
revelance – does it address major current events
attractive and sticky – does it grow and retain potential viewership

Potential elements —
opening (welcome & statement of being)
worship arts/music
Congregation/Spirit group representation – “Community Connection”
meditation-type moment
closing – prayer for protection


more details now available on the Excel Sunday Planning sheet