Worship Arts Resources

Worship Arts Resources​

Please email me immediately if any of these links are broken.

Standard info

Address:  200 8th Ave N, Seattle WA 98109Note we are in our new building in Denny Park, not our old temp space in Sodo.
Entry:  Before 7:45, if possible enter via the underground parking garage elevator.  After 7:45 front door is open.  If you are locked out, text my cell.  Erin’s cell is 206-422-1740 for emergencies.
Parking:  You may park in the underground parking accessible via the alley behind our building. Park in the Seattle Unity staff spots, by our elevator. Street parking is also free on Sunday.
Sanctuary is level 2.
Networks:   Unity-Staff — Password: AccessNet  OR Unity-Guest — Password: GuestNet

COVID info:
Full statement here:  in brief — Masking is now optional, but welcomed. Please be unmasked if singing a solo; otherwise mask as much as you like.  

Please print any charts/lyrics/texts that you need. Many folks use tablet readers, wifi info above^.  We have no printers available on site.


Order of Service and links for Sunday 2/5/2023

Church staff:  Rev. Diane Robertson, Karen R Smith, Michael O’ Larick
Guest Speaker: Pamelagrace Beatty (possibly now known as simply Pamela Grace?)
Community Representative/Reader:  TBD
Worship Arts: Ariona Thompson, Keoni Dilay (welcome first-timers Ariona and Keoni!), Tim Clements-Levin, Gretta Ferguson, Sienna Geal, Olivia Hamilton, Jesse Whitford, David Loy, Erin McGaughan
Technical:  Nick Charlton – audio; David Comeaux, livestream

7:00 a.m. Nick sets up tech.
7:50 a.m. All musicians on site. Folks needing equipment set-up time, please arrive earlier.
8:00 a.m. Worship Arts work-thru.
9:00 a.m. FAST cue to cue, with Rev, full tech, guests and readers.
9:30 a.m. House open; recorded music.
10:00 a.m. service, done by 11-ish.

Stage plot is below

David C:  Main slides are here; holding slides are here

Step By Step

8 -9 — work thru of music (and some slides)
David C please make sure the rehearsal is not broadcast or audible to L1 or L3.

9 — quick cue-thru with Rev, transitions, reader, slides, tech elements.
David C after this, put ‘starting soon’ slide in-room, but send the Announcements vid on loop to the monitors on L1 and L3.  Then send them the online service stream.

9:30 – House open, Nick please play recorded music.

1) 9:56 or so:  BAND in-room instrumental music prelude begins, band choice
David C start livestream; in-room and external on ‘starting soon’ slide

2)   10:00: Erin starts service
David C go to ‘live’ slide for 3 secs, then in-room cameras. As usual, use logo holding slide for in-room as appropriate.

3) All – Interfaith Bismillah – by Interfaith Amigos (via Jamal Rahman)
Tim would you be ready to sing this the first time through solo?  
Sample — note, I recently learned that my pronunciation would be better if my final ‘ah’ sound on bismillah and rahman were both a bit less like the a in father, and a scoche closer to the a in cat. Living and learning, yah?
Band segue through prayer

4) Diane- Opening Statement
David C  Opening Statement slide

5) All –  Interfaith Bismillah pt2 finish

6) Diane- Welcomes, cues Vision Statement; special announcements; cues meet n greet
David C  Vision slide

7) Meet-n-greet – 1 minute max
David C : Announcements vid note:  run it once only.

8) All –  I am Blessed  – trad
Gretta, would you be ready to sing it solo first time, rubato, no tempo, kinda milking it?
Fades — external to live cameras; and in-room to logo holding slide.

9)  Reading – TBD

10)  All – I Will Be Gentle With Myself – trad
Sienna, would you be ready to sing this solo first time?
David C at the end of this please go to meditation holding slide for in room, and trees for livestream.

10) Meditation – 3-4 mins silence

11) Erin and band – Imagine – by John Lennon
Ariona and Keoni lead this. Not sure exactly how this will sound, but I’m open to alternative vibe.
Bgv’s we might throw in some ahhh’s as it develops.  Might add an instrumental section?
Sample – ours is in Eb per chart
David C – after this, fade to talk holding slide (nature pic)

12) Diane – intro of Pamela Grace;  talk

13) Offering – Diane cues the offering
David C : Offering Prayer slide, then back to logo holding slide when the song starts

14) Sage and All –  How Far I’ll Go  – by Lin Manuel Miranda
All bgv’s see the lyric sheet, oohs and words in bold.  We might add a percussion break?
Sample  –    ours will be in this C per chart
lyric only

15) Diane – closing prayers, cue Prayer of Protection
Keys players:  chords are here
David C Prayer for Protection slide

16) All – These Hands  – by me

17) Postlude – band choice reprise
David C on third pass, show Credits slide.