Worship Arts Resources

Worship Arts Resources​

Please email me immediately if any of these links are broken.

Standard info

Address:  200 8th Ave N, Seattle WA 98109.  
Entry:  Before 7:45, if possible enter via the underground parking garage elevator.  After 7:45 front door is open.  If you are locked out, text my cell.  Erin’s cell is 206-422-1740 for emergencies.
Parking:  You may park in the underground parking accessible via the alley behind our building, entrance is midway down the block, look for the blue P sign. Park in the Seattle Unity staff spots, by our elevator. Street parking is also free on Sunday.
Sanctuary is level 2.
Network:   Unity-Guest — Password: Beherenow
Backup Service in case of snow day or tech issue

Please print any charts/lyrics/texts that you need. Many folks use tablet readers, wifi info above^.  We have no printers available on site.


Order of Service and links for Sunday 4/28/2024 

Church staff: Rev. Diane Robertson, Karen R Smith, Michael O’ Larick
Community Representative:  George Edwards, plus reader TDB
Worship Arts: Shaunyce Omar, Song Doran, Monique Lowe, Natasha Riveron, Scott Meihn, Olivia Hamilton, Rif Reif, Jonas Myers, Erin McGaughan
Technical:  Nick Charlton, audio; Ben Schauland, livestream

7:00 a.m. Nick opens garage, sets up tech.
7:50 a.m. All musicians/singers on site. Instrumentalists needing equipment set-up time, please arrive earlier.
8:00 a.m. Worship Arts work-thru.
9:00 a.m. FAST cue to cue, with Rev, full tech, platform guests and readers.
9:30 a.m. House open; recorded music.
10:00 a.m. service, done by 11:15ish.

Stage plot is below

Livestream techs:   Main slides are here, holding slides are here 

Step By Step

8 -9 — work thru of music (and some slides)
Livestream techs please make sure the rehearsal is not broadcast or audible to L1 or L3.

9 — quick cue-thru with Rev, readers, platform guests, slides, tech elements.
Livestream techs after this, please send the  Announce & Connect vid (link coming) on loop to all monitors, L1, Sanctuary and L3.  Continue til service starts.

9:30 – House open, Nick please play recorded music til prelude starts.

1) 9:56 or so:   BAND in-room prelude –  instrumental band choice
Livestream techs  please start livestream when band begins; please run the Announcements+Connections vid in-room and on-line during prelude til service starts.

2) 10:00: Erin starts service
Livestream techs  As usual, use logo holding slide for in-room as appropriate throughout.

3) All – Yes God –  by Sandra Crouch
Scott,  would you be the hello person and sing the first “Yes God”? We’ll join in after that.
Olivia,  would you be up for singing the verse this time?
Band vamp through prayer

4) Diane – Opening Statement
Livestream techs  Opening Statement slide

5) All – Yes God   – pt. 2 finish

6) Diane – Welcomes, Prayer for the Future, Announcements,  meet n greet
Livestream techs –  Prayer, as needed.  

7) Meet-n-greet – 1 minute max – band choice
Livestream techs: Announcements vid only (link coming)  for all;  note:  run it once only
Then go to live cameras for online; and to logo holding slide for in-room.  

8) All – Everything I Need to Know  – by Linda Webb Khakaba
Sample – just a scoche faster.
chart – Jonas heads up, we bump this up by half steps as we go.

10) Reading – TBD

11) All – Ise Oluwa – anon
Monique would you sing this first time solo?

12)  Meditation –  3-4 mins silence
Livestream techs – for online show park trees; meditation slide for in-room. Back to logo for song.
Turn off pendant lights and house lights, don’t pull them back til the start of Rev’s talk. 

13) Shaunyce and all –  Waymaker – by Sinach
Bgv’s learn the chorus and we’ll add oohs and follow Shaunyce’s leads
Sample  – structure is malleable, our likely key is lower, as in practice accomp track here.

14) Talk – Rev. Sonja
Livestream techs: bring up pendant/house lights, go to nature pic holding slide

15) Offering – Diane cues the offering
Livestream techs : Offering Prayer slide, then back to logo holding slide when the song starts

16) Shaunyce and all – You Are Good  –  by Israel Houghton
Bgv’s learn the basics as on the lyric sheet, no need for the fancy stuff the gospel choir does.
Sample  – ours will be the basic structure twice, then “you are good all the time…” section as tag out.
lyric only

17) Diane – closing prayers with Chaplains, cue Prayer of Protection
Keys players:  preferred underscore chords are here
Livestream techs – Prayer for Protection slide

18) All – We Will Be the Light  –  by me
Livestream techs  got to credit slide on 3rd pass.

19) Postlude – band choice reprise