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Standard info

Location:  Metropolist   2931 1st Ave S, 98134
Network: Metropolist Guest
Password: metropolist


INFO for Sunday Morning March 22nd 

Venue is open starting at about 7 a.m.


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NOTE this is now a filmed virtual service, so be ready for a different kind of experience. 

Musicians please arrive in time to be completely ready for a prompt 8:00 downbeat.

We are hoping to do a real live-stream, starting at 10:00 prompt, so we need your promtpness and focus.

NOTE – we do NOT have access to any printing on-site, so if you need printed lyrics, charts or service order details, please bring those with you, or use your own digital readers, tablets, etc.      

Music team is:
Be Russell –  vocals
David Loy on synth, Marina Christopher bass/vocal, Chris Monroe on drums
Additional vocals – Erin McGaughan, Keia del Rosario, Tim Clements-Levin, and Jen Bolles


Music team is seated the whole time.
BGV’s, note for singalongs, the leads won’t be giving those leading cues like usual, so do please have the chart or lyric map in front of you on a shared music stand if you need it.  Bring pencils and make notes during the rehearsal to help yourself.  This format is less winging it than we usually have.  Music will be a bit tighter than usual.  Be sure your monitors are working so the blend works and no one is over singing.

1)  Opening  — You Deserve It  – by JJ Hairston
Band vamps, then Dahlia gives the live cue.
NO speaking into, just goes right into the song.
Keia leads, not as much embellishment/cuing stuff this time.
Note: Karen asks for NO vamp/prayer break in the middle this time, though. Again, BGV’s please have the lyric sheet in front of you, Keia will not be calling out lead cues as much.  Note on the lyrics sheet where it is in bold.

——> KAREN: Intro
Welcomes –  INVITATIONS: Webpage, Chaplaincy, and prayer team, Breeze.
DONATIONS:  why it’s important, text to give, but also website
Pass to ME for introduction of Worship Arts Team.

2)  Uptempo worship song – I am Blessed  – trad
I’ll lead it.


3) Pre-meditation worship song –  Door of My Heart  – trad
Tim  could you sing this first solo please?  If it’s too high in Cm, try Am.

——> Karen leads GUIDED meditation.  Segues into contemplative instrumental piano piece from David.
This piece will be about 3 minutes long, but it will be arced a little more than last week.  The idea is people do need time to settle in and enjoy the depth.

4) Pre-talk feature song –  Waymaker – by Sinach
BGV’s try to do what we did on that recording, kay?

——> KAREN lesson

5) Post-talk song –  Let Praise Rise – by Miranda Curtis
BGV’s  Get as close to that recording as possible kay?

6) KAREN OUTRO TALK, underscoring – Weave – by Rosemary Crow
Chart  (yes again)
—-> Karen finishes with prayer for protection.


9) Closing singalong – Shanti  – by me
Everyone all together – unison first then harmonies. Sing it  3 or 4 times through, arcing and filling.

this song IS the postlude this time.



no bulletin right now