Worship Arts Resources Summer Solstice program

​Please email me immediately if any of these links are broken.

Notes from 2023 – Erin missed it due to kidney stone.  Duraflame was too smoky, so next time try actual wood, low-smoke log, or just candles.  Street noise was louder than the shy-girl guitarists, so either amplify everything or get a pro guitarist who can play loud.  Poetry was well received, contrasts were appreciated. No one was at front door to let people in at the right time, so double-check staffing expectations. Ribbon round pole didn’t look good enough; so try garland instead. Advise bringing blankets, as it does get chilly even on solstice.


Standard info

Time:  6:00 or 6:15 arrival is fine to get set up.  We rehearse at 6:30 PROMPT.   Service is at 8.
Address:  200 8th Ave N, Seattle WA 98109.  Service is on level 3, rooftop. 
Entry:  Front doors should be open.  Musicians may also park in the underground parking accessible via the alley behind our building, and enter via our garage elevator.  We will put a cone up to keep the garage door open for you.  Erin’s cell is 206-422-1740 for emergencies.  
Network:   Unity-Guest — Password: Beherenow

Attire:  Think “beach witch” – this is way more casual than the winter solstice service.
It’ll be outdoors on our rooftop, around a fire, and I want to have a snack table on the side for us.  If you feel able to bring along a snack to share, AWESOME.  I will have some fruit (more is welcome cuz there’s a fruit ritual element involved) and maybe water bottles on hand, but you are welcome to bring what you’d like. Less messy is best.

If you want to, you can bring a pillow or mat to sit/lounge on.  Well have the regular porch chairs which aren’t that groovy. I may linger afterwards if it’s nice out.
I will have one music stand for Marcy, cuz she’s playing guitar, but for this gig, less paper is good.  The music is intuitive.
There are no mics or amps, this is all acoustic.


Order of Service and links for Wednesday 6/21/23

We are:  Erin McGaughan, Marcy Reed, Sienna Geal, Jennifer Bolles, Eric Odel, Rose Ramm, Sonia Vargas, Carolyn Burton, Becky Thatcher, Matt Corey, Alexandrea Davis, Leslie Jones.  Yes please invite folks, though I won’t cry if it’s just us, either, this is a fantastic group with wisdom overflowing.


6:00 Erin starts set up, people can arrive.

6:30 work-through of music, readings and rituals

8:00 service begins.

1) Sonia – honoring the 4 directions.  Marcy, can you underscore this with rubato chords of #2.

2) Erin – I Am As God Created Me – most of us already know it, so it’s an energetic start.
sample – we’ll do ours in B or A — so  (B,A,E,A,B  or A,G,D,G,A)

3) Erin – What I Love About Summer – by-the-beach feeling.  This is brand new, wrote it specifically for this event. If it doesn’t work easily in rehearsal, we’ll cut it.

4) Eric – Heart of the Mother – Eric, please say a few words to intro the concept and why you chose this song
Sample (ours may go faster and will be shorter than this sample)

5) Jennifer – Elements Chant – please give a few words spoke intro

6) Alexandrea – I Am Alive with the Spirit of God – cuz in many world traditions, solstice is very often just a big ole party. Ask them to stand, please.

7) Erin – Oak Tree chant (Come Love Come) – Eric and Carolyn doing Veni, Venite leads

8) Sienna – Fruit Presentation – she’ll bring around a fruit tray, say a few things, then sing a song called Litha. I will harmonize, others can sing along if they want but this one is for contemplation so it’s okay to just eat your fruit and stare at the fire.  (Really, that’s always okay)

9) Rose – poetry – can you intro yourself as poet before you read?

10) Erin –  Pacha Mama.

11) Sonia – O’Donohue Blessing

12) Becky and Matt – Long Time Sun
Sample (ours is a tetch down in D)


I have extra song charts on backup in case we find some of these don’t work or if the lingerers want to keep singing:

This Little Light of Mine, Oyaheya, I am a Light (Devotion), Simple Shalom, Om Tare Tutare, Light Your Lamp