Worship Arts Resources Winter Solstice program

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Standard info

Address:  200 8th Ave N, Seattle WA 98109.  
Entry:  Musicians may park in the underground parking accessible via the alley behind our building. Park in the Seattle Unity staff spots, by our elevator. Erin’s cell is 206-422-1740 for emergencies.  
Sanctuary is level 2.
Network:   Unity-Guest — Password: Beherenow


Order of Service and links for Thursday 12/21/23

We are:  Erin McGaughan, Andrea Carino, Jennifer Bolles, Eric Odel, Carolyn Burton, Scott Meihn, Becky Thatcher, Matt Corey, Sonia Vargas.
Timing: 5 pm for singers, please(Carolyn is coming late).  Text me if you know you will be late.  206-422-1740.

We’re doing this in a fairly dark room, but I don’t want the blue glow of digital tablets, so I will print out the music and have music stands with reading lights for the pieces that need it.  Many of these really don’t, though, so turn your light off whenever you can.  That way we’re more present-moment and less stuck-to-a-page, yah?  (People singing in latin get a pass)

DO YOU HAVE COOL ALTAR STUFF?   Let me know!  Candles, special greenery, horn, feather, crystal, etc – you are most welcome to bring it to help us create the central altar.


5:00 to 6:30  — rehearse all music. Remember this is all a cappella, though we’ll have hand drum and shaker to keep us together.

7:00 — intro – outside the meditation hall, we’ll tell attendees what to expect.  THEN we enter into the hall.

Processional: O Come Emmanuel
Eric and Carolyn, could you trade the latin verses on this?  Eric if you could start, plz estimate key around Cm or C#m so the attendees are likely to be able to sing it.
Group sings only the first English verse, alternating with latin verses as we process into the meditation Hall.
lyric with latin

My Soul Will Sing  – Jen, can you sing this solo first time. I will call the lyric switches.
sample – for this, I’d say aim for a slightly higher key

Druidic opening prayer – Sonia, would you read this as you circle the room with a candle?

Light your Lamp – Becky can you start this. Whatever key you like, a bit faster than this sample, though.

Simple Shalom –   I’ll start it.
Once it’s solid, I’ll add in a descant on “Shema YisraelAdonai eloheinuAdonai echad”

La Ilaha il Allah
Matt, would you sing this solo first time? And perhaps drum also as it builds?  Demo key should work;  it’ll be high for the ladies, but should have good energy.
sample – ours will likely go a bit longer.

Om Shanti Om

Andrea, maybe some sound play for  little bit?   I’m open for any style or instrument, but something that helps us release words for a little bit.

Winter chant – I just wrote this so I’ll lead it, but see if you can learn it from this demo.  Delay low voices entry.

Ending Solstice Blessing – all to read aloud.

Dona Nobis pacem

Backups if needed:  Shalom Salaam Pacem, All Night All Day, O Come All Ye Faithful