Worship Arts Resources Christmas Eve program

​Please email me immediately if any of these links are broken.

Standard info

Address:  200 8th Ave N, Seattle WA 98109.  
Entry:  Musicians may park in the underground parking accessible via the alley behind our building. Park in the Seattle Unity staff spots, by our elevator. Erin’s cell is 206-422-1740 for emergencies.  
Sanctuary is level 2.
Networks:   Unity-Staff — Password: AccessNet  OR Unity-Guest — Password: GuestNet

COVID info:
Full statement here:  in brief — Masking is now optional but encouraged, for church attendees.  Singers please be umasked if you have a solo bit.


Order of Service and links for Saturday 12/24/22

Worship Arts: Erin McGaughan, Olivia Hamilton, Jesse Whitford, David Loy, Stephanie Anne Johnson, Becky Thatcher, Tony Serzo, Matt Corey
Staff: Rev. Karen Lindvig, Rev. Diane Robertson, Karen R Smith
Community Representative:  Alexander Kemp (with mom Mary helping)
Timing: 5 pm for singers, please.  Text me if you know you will be late.  206-422-1740.

Please bring your own printout of any charts you need. Many folks use digital readers; wifi info is above.  I will have musicstands and standlights.


5:00 to 6:00 – rehearse all music.  Note, please keep Sanctuary doors closed. 
6:00 to 6:30 –  FAST cue to cue, with all readers, speakers, helpers, tech, and practical elements including candles, fire, lighting, etc.
6:30 – house open.  Nick please play, recorded music in Sanctuary.  Christmassy is ideal.

Phil – please go live when the prelude starts, but go live a bit earlier than usual.

main slides are here.   holding here

1)  Prelude: band please start early with general christmas instrumentals first.  Then slide into an instrumental version of Chipmunk song.  You’ll do a few passes of this instrumental, but then:
Phil, when you see the singers getting ready to begin, go to holding slide in room, and show singers doing this ‘final prelude’ song.
Chipmunk Song – swing style.   Me, Olivia and Becky.  Matt I may ask you to sing the “I just want a hula hoop” line.

2) Carols –  Matt please be the welcome person and crowd leader. Phil, please giv us the lyric slides as we go.
Joy to the World – 3 verses
lyric only
Angels We Heard – 2 verses
lyric only
Hark the Herald Angels – 1 verse only
lyric only

3) Welcomes – Rev. Karen Lindvig

4) Meet and greet – band please play mid-tempo christmassy music
Announcements vid here

5) The First Noel
Becky please re-gather and seat people, and lead this.
Phil plz dim house lights

6) First Candle – Rev. Karen

7) Yes
Stephanie Anne on lead; bgv’s support on yes chorus.

8) Second Candle – Rev. Diane Robertson

9) Offering – Rev. Diane Robertson

10) Walking in the Light
Matt can you sing the verse (probably lyric for v2 only)
Tony be ready for a solo

11) Third Candle – Rev. Diane
Phil please dim lights further as we move into next song

12) Cordes Natus Ex Parentis  –  Olivia and me, but others please learn the line “saeculorum saecula”.
latin sheet music
English hymnal page (just in case)

14) Meditation – Intro by Rev. Diane Roberton, then silence ~3 mins
at the end, Phil bring up stage lights a bit

15) Glory to the Light of the World
Stephanie Anne sings lead; bgv’s support on chorus hook.
lyric only

16) Fourth Candle – Rev. Karen

17) Lighting all candles – Rev Karen

18) Go Light Your World
I sing verse 1; Matt please do the first half of V2; Becky please do the second; Stephanie Anne please do V3 after the key change.
lyric only

19) Silent Night

20) Postlude