Worship Arts Resources Christmas Eve Candlelighting program

​Please email me immediately if any of these links are broken.

Standard info

Address:  200 8th Ave N, Seattle WA 98109.  
Entry:  Musicians may park in the underground parking accessible via the alley behind our building. Park in the Seattle Unity staff spots, by our elevator. Erin’s cell is 206-422-1740 for emergencies.  
Sanctuary is level 2.
Network:  Unity-Guest — Password: Beherenow


Order of Service and links for Sunday 12/24/23 PM

Worship Arts: Erin McGaughan, Olivia Hamilton, Andrea Cariño, Tim Clements-Levin, Jesse Whitford, David Loy, Stephanie Anne Johnson
Staff: Rev. Karen Lindvig, Rev. Diane Robertson, Karen R Smith
Community Representative:  Alexander Kemp lighting lights
Timing: 5 pm please.  Text me if you know you will be late.  206-422-1740.

ATTIRE:  Contemporary Fancy Black is awesome, but other colors are okay too.   Lean to the snazzier side.

Please bring your own printout of any charts you need. Many folks use digital readers; wifi info is above.  I will have musicstands and standlights.  I’ll have two packets of lyric sheets for the singers.


5:00 to 6:00 pm – rehearse all music.  Note, please keep Sanctuary doors closed.
Livestream techs 
please make sure the rehearsal is not broadcast or audible to L1 or L3.
6:00 to 6:30 –  FAST cue to cue, with all readers, speakers, helpers, tech, and practical elements including candles, fire, lighting, etc.
Livestream techs after this, please send the Announcements+Connections vid  on loop to all monitors, L1, Sanctuary and L3.  Continue til service starts.
6:30 – house open.  Nick please play recorded music in Sanctuary.  Christmassy is ideal.
7:00 – service; done by about 8:30 pm

layout: apologies for having Jay apart from rest of the band, but I need the center clear and a visually more balanced stage.

Livestream techs:   Main slides are here; holding slide is here

Step by Step

1)  6:56 Prelude: band please start early with instrumentals first (we three Kings til we’re ready).
Livestream techs  please start livestream when band begins; please run the Announcements+Connections vid in-room and on-line til Grinch starts.

2) Final instrumental prelude – You’re a Mean One Mr. Grinch – by Theodor Geisel and Albert Hague

2) Carols
Livestream techs:  lyric slides as we go, please.  And as usual, please use logo holding slide for in-room as appropriate throughout.
Joy to the World – 3 verses
lyric only
Hark the Herald Angels – 1 verse only
lyric only

3) Welcomes – Rev. Karen Lindvig

4) Meet and greet – just vamp on Jesus What a Wonderful Child
Livestream techs: Announcements vid only for all;   run it once only
Then go to live cameras for online; and to logo holding slide for in-room.

5) Jesus What a Wonderful Child – by Harry “Doc” Bagby
sample –  sounds funny cuz it’s down pitched

6) Offering – Rev. Karen – explains reason it’s early in service,
Livestream techs : Offering Prayer slide, then back to logo holding slide when Olivia starts talking.

7) Offering song:   Olivia, Jay and band, hurdy gurdy feature mashing up a slow intro with a uptempo dancey thing

8) First Candle  – Rev. Karen finishes offering, rings bell to start sacred time. Readings, talk, etc.
Livestream techs:  on bell, house lights out; slightly dimmer stage lights.  #1 Affirmation slide on cue

9) Use Me – by Ron Kenoly
I sing lead. Jay, some kind of solo, on sax or whatever feels right.

10) Second Candle – Rev. Diane
Livestream techs#2 Affirmation slide on cue

11) Rise Up Shepherd and Follow – trad
This is Stephanie Anne solo, a cappella, rubato, whatever key she wants.
Sample – (the beginning has the a cappella feeling. Ours won’t have choir or other instruments)

12) Third Candle – Rev. Diane
Livestream techs#3 Affirmation slide on cue, then go to dark purple room lighting for the song

13) O Come All Ye Faithful –  trad.  Full room singalong

14) Meditation – Intro by Rev. Diane Robertson, then silence ~3 mins
at the end, livestream techs, please bring up the stage lights a bit.

15) Let Praises Rise – by A’Leithia Sweeting
Stephanie Anne sings lead; bgv’s support on repeats
sample – ours may be a step down, we’ll see on site (it’s simple chords)

16) Fourth Candle – Rev. Karen

17) Lighting all candles – Rev Karen

18) Go Light Your World
I can start it.  Olivia can you do Verse 2, and Stephanie Anne can you do verse 3?
lyric only

19) Silent Night

20) Postlude – more silent night, for maybe 5 minutes so the people don’t have to rush out.