Worship Arts Resources 6-26-22 Video Service

​Please email me immediately if any of these links are broken.

Due to building project delays and temp space scheduling conflicts, we will not be offering in-person services on Sunday June 26th, 2022. I will create and edit a video service together, which I will upload on Friday morning so that Karen R can schedule it on all the appropriate places.

Below is my working order, with notes about when the various elements need to be recorded and finished.  This assumes that Rev. Diane has scheduled the tech personnel for our June 19th schedule, AND can complete the talk and get me her video by Thursday end of day so that I can then edit the service together to pass off to Karen R.


Order of service for 6-26-22  broadcast 

1)  Opening slide

2)  Happy Pride mini-vid #1 from a congregant (these are 10-15 seconds, we’ll likely have 4 – Chad/Felix, Chris, Jan/Joan, and Desi)

3) Erin and Band – Free Me – to be recorded at Metropolist on Sunday June 19th at 7:50.

4) Rev. Diane – Welcomes and Mission

5) Announcements vid, over archival audio of We Are Family

6) Outreach vid from Susan W – to be recorded at Metropolist on Sunday June 19th, after service. 

7) Fran Gallo yoga excerpt

8) Tiffany – Wonderful World – to be recorded at Metropolist on Sunday June 19th, at 7:30 prompt. 

9) Rev. Diane’s talk – recording TBD, but please get this to me by Thursday morning so I can edit the service and get it to Karen on Friday

10) Happy Pride Mini-vid #2

11) Mary/Alexander offering

12) Remaining Happy Pride congregant mini-vids, underscored by archival recording of We Will Be the Light, eliding into

13) Ending credits



more admin details now available on the Excel Sunday Planning sheet