Worship Arts Blog – The Mushroom Connection

Worship Arts is about any way in which our creativity interfaces with spirituality.  So, yes, cooking is absolutely a form of Worship Arts.

For this project, I bounced off the nature-based metaphors provided by our current Tree of Life series. We’re studying how the underground networks of mycelia can connect many different species, and it made me ask: can mushrooms help US connect, too?

I asked a bunch of previous W/A supporter folks to send me mushrooom recipes, and along the way they also gave me great little tidbits about their lives, and how they’re doing through all this worldly mishegas. What a delight!

Turns out recipe swapping is an excellent way to connect people of a wide range of personality types and circumstances.  Here are just a few replies, some simple, some more complex (I’ll link those to their own pages).


Pamelagrace Beatty’s Easy Mushrooms.

“My shroom  recipe is simple. Sliced brown or white ordinary mushrooms and stir fry them in butter, garlic powder and red wine. My boyfriend and I love them and we eat them with all sorts of foods.  I add  them to fried rice, cheese omelets, as a side with lamb, steak or chicken. In chicken with cream sauces and in spaghetti sauce.  This may be TMI. 

I’m fine and am missing Seattle Unity!! I’m often on Whidbey Island on the weekends, (boyfriend lives there). Only here in Seattle when I speak at Northern Lights Center. I’m still painting and singing when I can.”


Melissa Mager’s VERY Secret Mushrooms

“Well my dear, I just happen to have the absolute best mushroom recipe EVER.  I adapted a recipe to use Chantrelle mushrooms, which are the most wonderful flavored of any shroom.  It has been my VERY SECRET recipe up until now, but for you . . . . .  

…OK, I’ll share it. Here you go!

 I also make Chantrelle gravy for Thanksgiving and it is always a hit, but I just make that without a recipe…I guarantee your guests/family will adore this risotto – great for folks who are gluten free and, if you use vegetable broth, vegetarians.”

Mike Brennan’s Mushroom Bowties

“Pro tip: Set the timer for a few minutes less than the package instructions and then taste: the pasta should be just done, still with some firmness.”


Rev. Karen also  offered up her fancy favorite, a Forest Mushroom Napoleon.


Holly Kemery’s Vegetarian Italian Mushrooms

“I love to cook and these mushrooms are always gone when I serve them…. recipe here

How am I? I am grand! This makes 3 months in Mexico and we have one more month to go. We moved to Merida in the  Yucatan where the weather is hot and muggy, and the culture and Mayan spirituality is abundant. We are looking forward to coming home and have loved every moment of this adventure and time with Kendal (she moved to La Paz permanently). Blessing all around, Holly.”


Dahlia Cohen’s Mushroom Bourguignon

“OMG, I love this idea. As for how I am, I have had less stressful weeks :) Here’s a spectacularly tasty mushroom recipe:  Deb’s Mushroom Bourguignon”

Two from James Tierney

“My favorite way to consume mushrooms is sliced thinly, fried in butter and minced garlic with a little salt.  

Portobello mushrooms are great roasted with balsamic and worcestershire sauce.  Eaten on toast.

When I was in the Puget Sound mycological society we had complex recipes, but the ones I list are the only ones remaining in my brain.”


Anna’a Barely-a-Recipe Oyster Mushrooms

“This barely qualifies as a recipe. 

I made it up.  Recipe here. 

I’m sure I’m not the first person to discover it.

The goal — To make it taste and have the texture of bacon.”


Lori’s Yummy Zucchini and Mushrooms

First, a recommendation:I love this mushroom coffee, started by Jody Hall, google her later. Delicious and helpful with great mushrooms added. The coffee taste like Stumptown, so WIN! 
Yummy zucchini and mushroom recipe here. Good quick meal. From our hippie days in Berkeley.

Im ok-just hiked in the desert of Joshua tree a little bit. SO that was good.”

I love all these.  Though of course, I absolutely adore Lori’s “music on” as a line of instruction written directly into the recipe.

Special shout out to the folks who did *not* have a recipe to offer, but just replied to say hello and chitty chat.  Emily, Tony, Tim, Cindy and Rose, we love you.  And extra special shout out to Yolanda, who had no recipe, but offered her favorite mushroom SONG.

If you’d like to post a recipe, or some other kind of creative response (song, picture, chit chat, etc) please consider joining the Seattle Unity Private Facebook Group and post there.