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Elaine’s Call to Writers

Elaine Roe leads our Writer’s Group, and invites you to join in, too. Email her at laneyroe@hotmail.com to get the Zoom entry info.

At left is Elaine with her (now grown) son.  Below, Elaine describes a bit about how her writing and spirituality weave through her life’s her passions.

“I enjoy writing and started my first journal when I was eleven.  I still have it.  Plus all of the others.  When I was a young mom, I passed the entrance exam for the Institute of Children’s Literature.  After acceptance into the program, I completed the two-year course, and thereafter published poetry and a short story in Discovery Trails, a Sunday school magazine.  I amazed myself accomplishing all of that with a toddler.  When something is a passion, great things can be accomplished with perseverance.

My other passion is the elderly and counseling.  With that I became a Geriatric Mental Health Specialist in the 1990’s.  In 2015 when city and state funding fell through for all of us at our job, everyone had to revamp.  Fortunately the Universe stepped in.   Two doctors and a counselor asked me to start a geriatric consulting company, so they could have a place to refer their geriatric clients.  None of the three people knew the other had asked me.  My doctor remarked, “That is the Universe speaking!”  So I launched Lotus Point Geriatrics Consulting, LLC that year.

At the same time I threw myself back into the writing game again to address finances.  Since then I have become a direct marketing copywriter as well.  I am grateful to the Universe.

The following poem was written in the last several months since I have been at a crossroads.  In 2019 I sold our home in order to pay off medical expenses for myself and a family member.  The poem addresses living in a temporary living space while the new home is being found.”

The Interim Place


In between the illness

And the recovery

In between the house sale

And the house hunt

The Resting Place.


In between the job changes

And the increased financial security

In between the losses

And the brighter openings

The Resting Place.


In between the family isolation

And the increased family support

In between the old dark neighborhood,

And the newer brighter world,

The Resting Place.


In between the old ways of being,

And the new ways of Covid,

The Resting Place

The Interim Place.

Invitation to the Writer’s Circle.

Elaine Roe MQuade facilitates the Writer’s Circle on the third Sundays of the month after the service. During Covid it is run via Zoom, and facilitated at 11:30 to accommodate the after service social.  All wannabe and experienced writers welcome.  Elaine creates a safe space to share.

Send Your Blog Ideas

Do you have ideas about more Worship Arts we can share online?  Worship Arts means anywhere that creativity meets spirituality, so don’t be shy about suggesting something.  W/A Director Erin McGaughan would love your input.  ErinM@seattleunity.org.