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Kiraya manifests Divine Creativity

I first met Kiraya Kestin Langberg through choir music, but later learned about her lifetime of multi-modal creative output, through fashion, jewelry, painting, music, gardening, and the art of family.

She tells me her name Kiraya has a Native American origin, meaning “Flying Rays of the Sun” or “One who Creates.”

Below are some of her oil paintings, and a little from Kiraya herself about her process.

“By the age of three, I had found drawing and it was one of my favorite forms of play.

I would tell myself stories about what I was making.

below: Sleep Walk

Later, in my work life, I always felt most challenged when I painted or made something like jewelry, or wrote stories and illustrated them.

below: French Angel

It is the most exciting, difficult and rewarding process that I do.

below: Ocean Rock

Love inspires me.

below: Elephant Lives Matter Too

I was born with a passion to create, to organize my world into form and line, using color and form that speaks to me of beauty and vitality.

below: Tiger Tiger

I hold an insatiable curiosity to explore.

below: Peek-a-Boo Poppies

I feel the creator flowing through me.

Designs float in my mind and in the air I breathe. These creations are my gifts to you.

Kiraya Kestin


Thank you Kiraya!

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