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Lyn’s Songwriting Process

Long time attendee and chaplain current chaplain Lyn McKay has been weaving her music and songwriting into her spirituality for many years.  Here’s a song she shared recently, and the story behind it.

“During one of my meditations the mantra came to me to breathe in Spirit and breathe out love.  That was in October 2019 before the pandemic.  It stuck with me and I used it throughout the day.

When I began quarantining myself to stay safe in February the words were even more powerful as I was sending God’s Presence and Love to all humanity throughout the day.  Then the idea to write a song based on this mantra came.


I began with the chord progression which is reflective of my jazz background with the sound of major seventh chords.   Then I wrote the lyrics which all came together in one day but were tweaked along the way.  The lyrics drove the melody and the rhythm which I wrote sitting at the piano revising and revising.   In April I was almost finished and intended to record it on Easter to lift people’s spirits during the pandemic.

I put a link on You Tube also to raise money for gig workers whom my heart still goes out to as they are not working to date of this writing now in July.  The technology took me until the 11th of April to post it on You Tube. I was surprised that you can type my name in You Tube to find my song. I’ve had 115 views and one compliment on YouTube from someone I don’t even know.”

Love and Light,

Lyn McKay

And here’s Lyn’s song.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRdHuizt6Lc[/embedyt]


Thank you Lyn!

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