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Casey’s Eye on the City

If you’re lucky enough to see his posts on Facebook, you already know Casey Longacre as a sort of philosopher/photographer. He gave me permission to post some samples of his city walks during this strange time, simultaneously his retirement, springtime, and COVID-19.


March 4th
“The light bounced off the limbs. A dry day. A blue sky. The reflection of the Sun. Soon it will bounce off the leaves of Spring. I am heartened by this now. This stop and embrace moment. I hope the limbs are thankful as I am. I will remember them when they cover themselves with green.”

March 12th

March 14th
“The rug’s frayed edges needed clipped. My regular stylist was in, and only another client was getting their hair done. The magazines were removed from the waiting area and surfaces were being cleaned and hand sanitizer was being used in abundance. We speculated at least we’d look good if we had to wind up going to the hospital.”


March 28th (Casey retired this week)






April 6th
“A scene from afar. The scent of the bay. Once by ambient circumstance; now intended. The sun’s warmth on my back not by happenstance; now a planned linger. Once places to be; are now places where I’m at. A joy for today. A gratefulness for the universe. I should have made more time in the past; this makes up for that loss. I am grateful.”


April 13th


April 21st
“.. from a morning walk around Greenlake in Seattle. About a 3 mile walk…. It’s a popular place for biking, walking, jogging, etc. But with the virus lockdown, the amount of people have dropped off. Yay me!”



April 23rd – Seward Park


April 28th
“I like this picture not just because of its components. But how they present themselves as images existing in older artistic compositions I remember seeing, and capturing my imagination.”

May 1st


May 3rd –“Kodachrome day.”

May 4th

May 9th

May 12th

May 14th



Thank you Casey!  We have no idea what’s coming around that bend, but please continue to photograph it.

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