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Annie’s Mask Project

Annie Christensen was on staff for Seattle Unity for many years, and currently co-leads the Intuition Circle.  She’s a multi-modal artist, and you may have seen her knitting prayer shawls during Sunday services in recent times.  I asked her if she had any knitting projects going during this Covid-19 time.

Hi Erin, I haven’t been doing any quarantine knitting, but have put together a mask project, which is still ongoing.

I made myself a couple masks (big shocker) and several people who live here at Northaven asked me to make them a couple. 

Then someone asked if I could make a more robust barrier kind (like N95s) with a wired nose for their daughter, who works as a speech therapist. Apparently, the hospital she works at issues masks for doctors and nurses, and that’s it. So I did some more research and made some for her. And for a few other front-line medical folks. Word got around…


As I totally could not keep up with demand, I organized some sewers from here. We put together kits of mask fabric and elastic, with directions, and gave them to sewers to put together.


We asked for donations from mask recipients to keep the project going, with the donation money (most people give $5 a mask) going for the supplies and the sewing being done by volunteers.


So far, we’ve created and distributed (some to Unity folks, most to the wider world) over 350 masks of various types.


It feels darned good to be able to do something real and helpful in response to this pandemic.


If any sewers out there want to do this, I can work with you to send kits and/or directions. Just email me at annietheartist3@gmail.com.

Love, Annie


Thank you Annie!

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