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Mitch Learns a Tech Thing

Covid-19 challenges all of us to learn new things and leap over new hurdles. It’s rarely easy, but we can support each other as we each negotiate these obstacles.  Here’s Mitch’s story.

Hi Erin,

One of the things I learned this week was how to create a ZOOM webinar (video). I was asked to put together a video to show to a class of Licensed Counselors at Thrive Counseling in Atlanta, Georgia. They wanted my take on what I thought was important for future counselors to know about the trans*/nb experience from my point of view. It is 23:30 minutes.

I had to figure out how to record the ZOOM presentation as a video, showing my Powerpoint slides with animations and an embedded video (with sound) so that it was captured as well as my speaking. It isn’t perfect ( I was hoarse by the 8th time I’d run through it; the lighting was from my industrial work lights on a stand and a torchiere lamp; It was less tight than the first 5 takes), but was an FFT, a-la Brené Brown. I finally got all the pieces working, sent the link in time for the class presentation, was proud of the perseverance it took to get ‘er done and ultimately my first attempt product for a ZOOM video.

This is the response I got back after the class’ presentation:

“We finished our class presentation and your video was the highlight!  It was insightful, impactful and moving.  For an FFT, you f—ing knocked it out of the park!”

I don’t know if you’ll think it is appropriate, but it is “arts”; it is a part of my personal mission; it is what I’ve been up to and…. It certainly fits in with my white stone word for this year: “Exuberance” so I’m sending it your way.

Here’s my video link:



Thank you Mitch!

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