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5 Element Taiji

James Tierney teaches in our Youth Program often, and recently shared with us his special unit on 5 Elements Taiji.  Check this out, it’s not just for kids, though; the very brief format and imagery makes it easy for adults to learn, too. “The point of the movement is to help us more fully embody each element,” James says.


If you want to learn more, a longer form of this movement practice is here, and the internet is chock full of online Taiji (aka tai chi) and Qigong courses.

James is a long time SU community member, an accomplished Unity teacher, a vibrant heart, and skilled practitioner of many forms of embodied ritual.  This great shot below, by Gordon Lee, shows James at a Men’s Retreat, walking a labyrinth with a central flame element.  James has also given many presentations on interfaith symbolism, using SU’s tapestry collection for visual aid.

An amazing human, with amazing life stories, James says of this Taiji form:  “I learned this at a Swiss macrobiotic ski camp when I was 26 working in Luxembourg.  The guy who invented it teaches a weekend workshop at Evergreen State every year, so I get to practice with the master.”

We’re proud to have James, a true master himself of many spiritual skills, as part of our community.

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