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Call for Feedback!

Worship Arts Director Erin McGaughan is looking for your input, as we plan (and budget) for the future.

Hello church family I need your feedback and ideas!

Any feedback is welcome, but here are some brain-storm starters:

What elements of the Sunday services have really been working great this summer, as we’ve inched back into hybrid Sunday services?

What’s the “next-step” that you MOST want to see happen as soon as possible?

Areas you might consider (though not a complete list at all, so if something else occurs to you, tell me!)

– energy and length of services

– song choices and singing quality

– audio/visual quality

– guests and team makeup

– non-Sunday Worship Arts opportunities

– congregant representation

– meditations and prayer times

– impact on you – tell me a story about it!

– accessibility, online & in person

– covid protocols

–  themes and topics

– instrumentation

– seating and visibility

– worth your offering?

– interactivity/engagement (this one is most important to me, btw)

If you can connect your idea to a part of the mission and vision, AWESOME.

Those will be most actionable, though I do want to hear your ideas no matter what (even critique, be gentle but honest).

I’ll take any length of feedback, too, from two or three words to pages and pages.

Email erinm@seattleunity.org, as soon as possible, since we’re trying to construct budgets and calendars right now.

Thank you all for sticking with this community and helping to define it for future generations.

I look forward to ALL your input.

Erin McGaughan – erinm@seattleunity.org
Seattle Unity Worship Arts Director

Send Your Blog Ideas, Too

Worship Arts means anywhere that creativity meets spirituality, so don’t be shy about suggesting a future blog topic.  W/A Director Erin McGaughan would love your input.  ErinM@seattleunity.org.