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Carolyn’s Quilts

I’ve enjoyed Carolyn’s beautiful, classically trained voice for several years, and only just learned that she’s also a quilter.  We see Carolyn regularly now in Zoom Fellowship, and got peeks at some of her masterful work.

From Carolyn: I started getting interested in art quilts about 10 years ago and it’s become quite a passion since then.

Continuum (below) is the one which is going into a book entitled ‘Quarantine Quilts: Creativity in the Midst of Chaos’  It should be available on Amazon in June 2021.  It will be in the national Quilt Museum at about the same time.

This one is called Sforzando.

This one is Super Blood Moon.

Hope Always is in Brazil at the moment. It’s supposed to be in an international show but that’s been delayed because of COVID.  Who knows when that will be coming home!  When I finished it, I thought it would be wonderful if Unity Church would like to have it.  I didn’t go further with that idea, because shortly afterwards, the decision was made to have a new building.  I don’t know whether there would be room or the ideal place for it, but if Karen and the board are interested, I would like to donate it and would be proud to have it displayed in the new building.  It has also been displayed at the National Quilt Museum. It’s 37″x42″.

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