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Meditations On Demand

The Unity movement has a long tradition of meditation practice as a core spiritual tool.

Currently, Seattle Unity congregant Laura Hebert leads an early Zoom meditation at 9. a.m. every Sunday.  If you’d like to access recordings of these meditations, like this one, she generously creates and posts these on our Seattle Unity Private Facebook page every week.

Our regular 10 a.m. Sunday full services also include a brief meditation or contemplative moment as well.  Several of those brief meditations are posted here below as well.  Some of these are created by the congregants themselves.

I encourage all congregants to consider recording their own meditations, for potential presentation to our community.  Email me at erinm@seattleunity.org with your idea.

Rose’s Garden Meditation

Here is a fresh one from Rose Harrow Miller, who regularly leads her professional clients in meditations.  The silence is about 3 minutes, and we’ve included the sound of birds as well as summer garden imagery for those who prefer keeping their eyes open.

Julia’s Yoga-flavored Meditation

This body-aware guided meditation comes from Youth & Families consultant Julia Nathe, who also teaches children’s yoga.

Andrea’s Bowl Meditation

And here’s the one that features Andrea Cariño’s bowls and bells.


The clips below are just the non-speaking parts of some previous meditations, including contemplative imagery and sound.

Brook and Birds meditation

Buddha and Candles with bells

Rain Meditation

Waves Meditation

Birds and Pond meditation

May all your meditations prove fruitful and sustaining.

Send Your Blog Ideas

Do you have ideas about more Worship Arts we can share online?  Worship Arts means anywhere that creativity meets spirituality, so don’t be shy about suggesting something.  W/A Director Erin McGaughan would love your input.  ErinM@seattleunity.org.