Women’s Group Returning

Gayle Macy has a message for all of Seattle Unity’s women:


Remember the Goddess Group, and then the Woman’s Group? Remember the retreats, both Silent and Noisy? Well, Great! Let’s do it again, only bigger and better.

I, Gayle Macy, have been discussing the possible goals and parameters of the new group with those of you I could corral, and here are some of the ideas and suggestions I heard: First, have the meetings on Sundays after the service rather than Saturdays. This would save us extra commuting, and goodness knows, with the price of fuel etc., it would trim our budget substantially.

Rather than have someone special do a presentation every meeting, (that requires a lot more planning than most of us would want to do), during our meeting after our “Check-in”, we could discuss the Lesson that was given that day or one on a past Sunday that was particularly interesting.

Also suggested was having a “field trip” every quarter, get us walking and seeing special things around town, or do a special task for our new building which could mean getting our hands dirty. We could also have a special speaker, (like one of us) make a presentation about an interesting topic. I have a lot of interest in keeping our meetings positive, looking for the “positive aspects” in all topics.

Knowing so many of you, there are great ideas that can come from getting together and discussing what we want to receive from these “get togethers”, we might even write a “mission statement’ just to keep us on track.

There is so much to discuss and plan for and I hope you are as interested and excited in gathering together and just connecting, (maybe even without masks!!) We will be able to see each other’s teeth again. Woohoo!

Let me know what you think. If you know of anyone else who might like to join us, please forward this information to them.  See or hear from you soon!

Gayle Macy