Why Prayer Matters – 5 Reasons


  1. pray together22e60ab476a2e9d194d7f35c06a804Those That Pray Together (have a better chance to) Stay Together.

It is in prayer that we can best connect to Divine Wisdom and Divine Guidance.  It is the middle language where we have the opportunity to remember that we are all connected, we are all one, and that we have more in common than we have differences.  As we keep prayer as our foundation in community, we remain connected to a greater Wisdom that exists beyond our individual perspective.

  1. the-world-needs-love-e1385828812173Our World Needs the LOVE!

Prayer is one of the most powerful, present, and enriching ways we can show up with and for one another.  When we think there is a situation where we are helpless, we are not truly.  Prayer is always an action we can take, and sometimes, it is the best action we can take or at least include in whatever else we are doing.  Imagine what our city, country, and world would look like if more people were being a prayerful presence bringing more compassion and kindness wherever they go.


  1. the-journey-beach-walkers-300x217We All Need Help Finding Our Way Sometimes.

Experiencing the valleys of life is integral to being human.  When those challenges come our way, it is beyond words how beneficial it can be to have those around you who will hold the high watch.  To help you remember that you are not alone and reconnect to the best truth about yourself.  It is a tremendous gift when we can be a prayerful presence for others that are experiencing life’s challenges and receive that from others as well.

  1.  The Science Says So!

Science and spirituality are not so divergent any more.  Thousands of experiments on intention, consciousness, and energy healing; as well as specifically on prayer has shown repeatedly “statistically significant” results.  Prayer matters because prayer works – even if we do not always know the how or when or why.  Check out the research and writings of Larry Dossey, Gary Schwartz, Lynn McTaggert, and Dean Radin (just to name a few).

  1. Rene+mystic+photoshopFeed your Mystic!

And that brings us to the Great Mystery of it all and why prayer matters for the spiritual seeker. Each moment when we get to touch more deeply and fully into an experience of the Divine we feed our Spirit – prayer is to our Soul, as oxygen is to our physical body. Which is why prayer is the most universal spiritual practice across all religions and spiritual paths regardless of the difference in form.

Joining in prayer with others is one of the most beneficial ways of being in community and being of service to the greater good as well as ourselves.

Here’s your chance!

Join Diane and other members of our congregation for a 6-week class series, Why Prayer Matters beginning April 10th to raise consciousness together.