We Said Yes

Update about the Special Meeting Sunday June 12th

Thank you for showing up for this spiritual community
and thank you for your willingness to embrace change.

Meeting 20160612 prayer

At the special meeting on Sunday June 12th the congregation overwhelmingly (96%) voted in favor of accepting an offer to sell the northern portion of our property.  The meeting attendance included over 50% of our active members.  After five years of diligent efforts on this project by the Seattle Unity Visioning (SUV) Team and our Board of Directors (that has included 3 different chairs during that time) we have made a decision.

Change word cloudNow we get to celebrate our excitement at having the funds available to plan a new facility.  And we get to look forward to creating that new facility.  That work is progressing on a number of fronts.  Two ways that we are engaging the community:

  1. the Dreaming 2050 conversations
  2. planning community meetings to discuss our intents for the new facility

The intent is for these two to build on each other.

Dreaming Spiritual Community 2050As we have been exploring spiritual community in 2050 in various groups we are identifying the seeds that will be central to our new facility.  We should have the basic themes that have emerged from these conversation compiled in time for the picnic on July 10th.  The Change Team will be creating some passive ways to present that information. There won’t be any presentations at the picnic but we hope to have some boards that present what you see as the future of spiritual community.

The next steps for planning our new facility will be to engage our architect and have them lead us thru a process that helps them take our dreams and vision to inform a plan about how to make this happen.  This should be an exciting process.

Embracing change is a wonderful opportunity to put our spiritual practices to work.  Thanks for walking our talk as we go thru this together.

Reviewing the Decisions made to Date:

  • In 2012 in response to an offer to buy the parking lot we created a team to explore our options for this property. We discovered that selling the parking lot was not an option due to parking requirements. We also obtained an assessment of value for our property of +/- $7million.
  • In 2014 we agreed as a community that we wanted to pursue an option to redevelop a new facility on this site, and fund that redevelopment by selling the northern portion of our property.
  • In 2015 we authorized the study of alternatives to redeveloping here based on concerns about the city zoning limitations.
  • In 2016 at the annual Congregational Meeting we authorized the small team of the SUV to solicit offers from developers.
  • At the June 12, 2016 Special Congregational meeting we voted in favor of selling the North portion of our property. The funds we receive will pay for the design and construction of our new facility on the Southern portion (adjacent to Denny Park).