This is US update March 2018

This is US

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Dear Unity Community,

Have you heard of the This is US project? Wondered what the heck it is? Or maybe never even heard of it?

It’s a year long creativity/community building project.

Here are some of the projects we have going so far.

1. The Room Blessing project. Every fourth Sunday Annie leads us on a beautiful ritual blessing, one room each Sunday, gathering all the energy into a clay heart especially created by Annie and Didi.

2. Mariah and Didi’s little paper journal project. Get a journal from Didi and use it to write memories, take notes during the Sunday talk, write poetry, draw pictures, or whatever you like.

3. Video Sunday. Every third Sunday Paul Jackson and Mitch Hunter make videos with community members.

4. The Quote project. Send your favorite quote to or give to Didi when you see her.

5. The Flower Project. Every Sunday Didi takes pictures of the altar flowers.

6. The timeline project. We are creating timelines of our history.

7. The Men’s group project. A display of the wonderful books created from their retreats.

8. The rock reflecting pool project. Casey Longacre is saving the rocks from the reflecting pool to tell the story of the rocks. If you don’t know the story check out my blog post about it.

At the end of our time in this building we will be displaying these projects at an exit celebration.

We will be creating a sort of “yearbook” about our last year in the building documenting our journey for future generations.

So if you, you and a friend, or your group want to contribute to This is US, please see Didi. She would love to brainstorm with you.

Also please read the newsletter for lots more information. There is a special This is US section in the newsletter.

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Part of # 6, the Timeline project