This is US monthly update May 2017

Where We’ve Been     Who We Are    What We Dream

The various projects in the “This is US”  collection are coming into being – the concept is really taking off!

  • Paul Jackson and Mitch Hunter are doing a video project, regularly collecting congregational stories one Sunday a month. Look for them, talk with them, tell them your story! No idea what to say? No fear, they have tidbits and lead-ins, to get you started. They’ve got the experience, you’ve got the stories – join them!
  • Annie Christensen and Didi Graves are providing sacred space around the church – one room at a time – to allow us all to ritually bless and release and honor this building which has served us so devotedly and so well. The first room to be “gathered up” is the Library. We will convene in the Library on Sunday May 28th from 11:45 to 12:30 pm. Come and be a part of the blessing!
  • Mariah Kaye and Didi Graves have produced Little Paper Journals. Our little handmade paper journals are available in Serendipity. Use them to write down quotes you love, make notes during Rev. Karen’s talks, keep a book list, write down memories of your time at Unity, write prayers and poems, make little drawings or any other thing you want to do. Our goal is to display the journals at the exit celebration and also include excerpts from them in the book we will be making. Get your journal and join in the fun!.

This is US is a catalyst for building, transforming and sustaining community through the celebration of creativity, Unity history and spiritual principles. There are lots of ways to get involved and here are a few we are highlighting this month…..

Where We’ve Been

  • Come work with us on creating an historical timeline of Seattle Unity, the founders, the ministers, the building etc. We are going to be mining the archives for our history.
  • Share individual memories of being a part of this community through writing, photos etc.
  • Anyone interested in researching South Lake Union redevelopment and writing a short piece on the topic? Maybe go to Museum of History and Industry and get some photos of the region….before and after sort of deal.
  • Interview someone you don’t know or long time members. We can help you create questions or create your own.
  • Hey amateur history buffs…..did you know Seattle Unity has an extensive archive of photos, documents etc.? Help us explore the archives. Can be a one time commitment.
  • A photo collection project…your wedding photos, the day your baby was baptized, parties etc.

Who We Are

  • Art projects with the children. Drawings of our building now or what their vision of the new building would be.

Any and all ideas welcome.

See Didi Graves for more information, or email her at