Worship Arts: Socialize, Feedback, & Brainstorm with Erin

Date and Time: Monday, March 8, 2021 - 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

When: Monday, 3/8; 7-8 pm.
An hour (or less, you’re allowed to drop in and pop out).
Zoom link here

Mtg number: 843 7153 0644
Pass: 582057

Worship Arts means anything in the service that has to do with the arts: design, writing, music, visuals. If you’ve had anything to do with Worship Arts at Seattle Unity, including just being a fan of it, then you’re invited to come hang with Worship Arts Director Erin McGaughan.

From Erin:

Conversation could go anywhere, but some questions I’ll probably have for you:

During covid we’ve had very little opportunity to sing or play with congregants, and we sure do miss it. How do we deal with that?
What’s felt sacred, or cool, or effective (vs. ineffective) for you on screen, compared to in-person?
What are you hoping to see, regarding in-person return?




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