Sacred Scents – A Worship Arts session

Date and Time: Sunday, September 1, 2024 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Erin leads a session looking at how scents impact our experience of worship. What scents draw you deeply into an awareness of the divine? And what scents distract or divert you?

In keeping with our 2024 Generations theme, we’ll start with how scent has shown up in sacred celebration through history and across the globe. And then we’ll smell stuff and talk about it!

Oils, incense, flowers, foods, candles, sprays, musks and resins — humans have used the tools of aroma in our worship as long as we’ve had worship. Whether it’s with herbs that mitigated the smells of death, or tickled our nostalgia, signaled tribal identity, or just shifted our moods, humans have been using scent since before we were called human.

Come learn about Sacred Scents and sample some rich and surprising smells from worship settings.  We’ll meet a special guest expert, and we may even have treats to take home afterward!

Free, no fee for this session.  If you have input, but you can’t attend these meetings, email your thoughts about Worship Arts to

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