Worship Arts Exploration – Walking Meditation and Labyrinth

Date and Time: Sunday, June 2, 2024 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

Worship Arts Meetings are on the first Sundays of the month, and they allow members and visitors to explore spiritual modalities beyond just music or text.  This year we’ve explored sandtrays and earthworks, global chant traditions, and now we’ll explore Walking Meditation.  Our neighboring Denny Park features a Labyrinth, coincidentally spearheaded by Seattle Unity community member Jackie Roberts, with help from many others including The Labyrinth Society of Seattle.

After our Sunday morning service on June 2nd, come out to the Labyrinth at 11:30 and learn a little about it from Jackie herself.  Labyrinth expert Dr. Mary Ellen Johnson will also will also provide her perspective on the labyrinth as a spiritual tool.  So no worries if you’ve never walked a labyrinth before!  You are invited to participate in a Walking Meditation, either on the Labyrinth itself, or around Denny Park. This is a free event.

As always, if you have input, but you can’t attend these meetings, email your thoughts about Worship Arts to erinm@seattleunity.org.

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