Worship Arts Design Meeting – Earthworks and Sand Play

Date and Time: Sunday, February 4, 2024 - 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

This year, we’re using these meetings to explore Rev. Karen’s 2024 Generations theme. We’ll be looking back at the history of global religion to see what elements of ritual were so good, we still use them today.


Feb 4th, we’ll take a brief look at the ancient concept of earthworks – henges, mounds, ceremonial circles, zen gardens, rock balancing, cairns, and more.

AND we’ll create and play with two sand-meditation tables that we’ll install in the L2 meditation hall for the month of February.

What does it mean to literally move the earth – to say “let there be” and then make it happen – that has captured human imagination since before we were even human?   Why is playing in sand not just good for 11th century Zen monks, but also a popular contemporary form of play therapy for kids, and meditation practice for adults?

As always, experience and expertise are not required.  These meetings are about exploration and experimentation.

As always, if you have input, but you can’t attend these meetings, email your thoughts about Worship Arts to erinm@seattleunity.org.

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