Worship Arts Meeting – Fellowship and Game Day

Date and Time: Sunday, March 5, 2023 - 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

The Art of Fellowship

This month, we’re using our Worship Arts Design meeting time slot to focus on the after-service hospitality hour upstairs in Unity Hall.

Community members are always invited to bring snacks, but this time,  bring your board games, too.

Scrabble, Uno, Dominoes, Blokus, Connect Four, Azul, Exploding Kittens, what kind of games do you like the most?   It’s bound to get a little noisy.

Easy, quicker games are usually better, but bring what you love and let’s play.  And don’t skimp on the snackage, right?This is our practical answer to the question:  why does community matter to worship?  If the worship service itself is a form of heightened consciousness — a sacred hour — then why does fellowship afterward make such a positive difference? Why does breaking bread together have spiritual value?  Why is fun also holy?

*As always, if you have input, but you can’t attend these meeting, email your thoughts about Worship Arts to erinm@seattleunity.org. I do read everything that gets past our spam filter.

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