Worship Arts Design Meeting

Date and Time: Sunday, February 5, 2023 - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


This month I need some help writing new singalongs for Sunday services. I need regular people for that (not necessarily musicians, though those are welcome, too).

First:   What kinds of tunes do you want more of?  Want more slow things, things in other languages, hymn-type things, funky dancey things, mantra things?   Do you love rounds, or two part songs, or call-response?  Tell —  Opine for me!  And it’s okay if other people don’t agree with you. I need to hear the diversity of feelings.

Then:  I need text suggestions, prayers you like, affirmations or even bits of poetry. General topics or concepts are helpful. Even a thing you just like to say to yourself is great. You COULD be in for a shared songwriting credit, if you want one.

That’s the first half of this session.

For folks who want to stay for the second half, we’ll actually write a couple songs and try them out together.  It’s tedious and embarrassing, so it’s totally okay to not stay for this part if you’d prefer not to.  My goal, though, is to come out of the session with the seeds of a BUNCH of future songs.

And remember:  You don’t need any experience or talent.  If you attend services, then you can help with this!


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