Worship Arts Meeting – Tree of Life Drawing… plus snacks

Date and Time: Sunday, November 6, 2022 - 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


You’re Invited!

This month, we’ll use our meeting time for fellowshipping (WITH FOOD!) and visual art fun, using our Tree of Life theme.

Tree of Life Drawing

My art therapist friend showed me this picture, and it reminded me of life mapping and treasure mapping, two other super easy visual art exercises that non-artists can enjoy.

So, after the service on Sunday November 6th, please come upstairs and join us, sharing snacks, talking about how this year’s theme has been resonating with you, and maybe drawing your own Tree of Life narrative.

I’ll bring some supplies – paper and basic markers – but if you’ve got some more art supplies at home that you’d be able to bring in to share, yes please!

And I’ll bring a snack or two, as well — same same.  If you’ve got some snackage to share, yes please bring that along, too.

Does this require skill or talent? Lord I hope not.  I’m not a visual arts master, though I like doodling.  Skill and beauty aren’t really the point for this one.

It’s just a tool for thinking about our own lives.  There are many other ways to use Tree of Life visual narratives, like this one, or this other one.

Your version can be totally different.

This year, Rev. Karen and Diane have been breaking down the spiritual sections using these series ideas:

Seeds:  intention, possibility, planning, soil
Roots:  mycelium network, unseen realms, mystical oneness
Flowers and buds:  taking action, leadership, high hopes, bravery
Trunk: beauty, strength, persistence, building over time
Branches:  communication, connection, growth, exploration, being a branch of God, sending seeds out
Roots again:  legacy, home, family trees, history of Unity
Fruits:  play, children, relaxation, summer, creativity, enjoying nature
Environment:   weeding, healing, health, resilience, heartwood, service
Ecosystem:  interdependence, harmony, balance, justice/diversity, friendship, heartwood
Harvest: leaves falling, cycles, releasing, letting go, going deep within
Trunk again: giving/receiving, expanding, breath and appreciation
Finishing:  rest, wisdom, re-evaluation, growth rings

—– But there’s lots of variety possible.  Of course, cuz it’s Unity. You probably have your own ideas about how the Tree of Life is a metaphor for your own life story.

Please join us, in Unity Hall, from about 11:15 to 12:30, Sunday November 6th.

(No charge or offering taken, just help as you can with clean up.)

Love – Erin


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