Submissions Due for Virtual Art Show!

Date and Time: Monday, November 27, 2023 - 12:00 am

Call to visual, textile, and material artists:

Do you have a painting, photographs, sculptures, textile works, graphic design, drawing, mosaic, metalwork, or similar pieces you’ve made, that you’d be willing to send a picture of?

Erin would like to create a video showing art works made by our congregants. We’d show the video in the service on Sunday December 3rd. Rev. Karen’s theme at that point will be “I explore” and visual art is one major avenue of exploration that we don’t regularly see in our services.

Send your pics (as many as you like), in the best resolution you can manage, to, by November 27th.

These can be pics of just your art if you’re shy, or you WITH your art, you making the thing in your garage or kitchen nook, or you doing art with others in a class – we want plenty of those too!  Note, your name will be shown onscreen with your pieces.

Also note, you don’t need to be GOOD at the artform. Beginners are inspiring, too!  Kids with their art are VERY welcome. Just as long as you made the thing — or sculpted it, welded it, wove it, took the shot, etc.

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