Seattle Unity Sunday Service – What Are You?

Date and Time: Sunday, February 4, 2024 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

2024 Annual Theme


Generations: Honoring
the Wisdom of Our Ancestors
to Inform our Future


“Spiritually, what are you?  You are a soul that has forgotten its divine identity; a soul now struggling to remember, in the mists of time and in the confusions of experiences, that you are a living (expression) of the living God.”  Imelda Shanklin

10:00 AM Sunday Service

Thank you:
Speaker: Rev. Diane Robertson
Technical Audio: Nick Charlton
Technical Livestream: David Comeaux, Ben Schauland
Worship Arts: Lavon Hardison, Tim Clements-Levin, Erin McGaughan, Olivia Hamilton, Jesse Whitford, David Loy
Staff: Karen R. Smith, Michael O’Larick, MaSanda LaRa Gadd.



10:00 AM – Special Youth Event Today, Concurrent with Service:

Special Event: Youth Soundbath


11 AM After Service:



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