Seattle Unity Sunday Service – Unity Roots

Date and Time: Sunday, July 10, 2022 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Remember that your heart is and always will be right with God. It is the throne of love, and God is love. You are eternally one with your source and Creator, so it’s just a matter of getting still, peaceful, calm, and serene, with your thought away for a while from all the outer activities, and opening the way for the mighty and abundant inflow of Spirit that vitalizes, invigorates, builds up, and renews every place in mind, heart, soul, and body. -Myrtle Fillmore, Healing Letters

Welcome! Join us for our Sunday program!



10:00 AM Sunday Service

Thank you:
Senior Minister: Rev. Karen Lindvig
Associate Minister: Rev. Diane Robertson
Reader: Rev. James Tierney
Worship Arts: Christina Brewer, Erin McGaughan, Michael Matlock, Olivia Hamilton, Tim Clements-Levin, Andrea Cariño, and Mitch Hunter
Technical Audio: Nick Charlton
Technical Livestream: Ben Schauland
Prayer Chaplains (In-Person): Colleen Hart, Susan Waldron
Prayer Chaplains (Online): Kathleen Bohlken, Dian Brennan
Staff: Karen R. Smith



Congratulations Rev.Diane! 

The following article is excerpted from our Newsletter as well as posted on our Blog.

This Sunday, July 10th: Congratulations, Reverend Diane!


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