Seattle Unity Sunday Service – Looking Through Mystical Eyes

Date and Time: Sunday, February 28, 2021 - 10:00 am - 11:00 am

Mostly we want to be in the know.
We seek to understand, to learn, to gain knowledge about the world around us.
We form our beliefs based on what we think we know.
But what happens when we suspend the need  to know, release the need for empirical proof, and live into the ineffable spirit of things?
What does it mean to embrace mystery as our spiritual way of moving in the world?


9:00 AM Sunday Morning Meditation, hosted by Laura Hebert

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(Videos of previous Meditations can be found here.)


10:00 AM Sunday Service
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Order of Service
Opening Music
Closing & Prayer for Protection
Closing Music
Thank yous:
Guest Speaker: Rev. Judith Laxer;
Associate Minister: Diane Robertson;
Community Representative: Faith Agee;
Worship Arts Team: Tommie Burton, Erin McGaughan, and David Loy;
Technical Audio:  Nick Charlton;
Technical Livestream: Phil Homan.
 Everything I Need to Know performed by Erin and David, written by Linda Webb-Khakaba;
There is Something Deeper 
performed by Erin and David, written by Erin McGaughan;
Let It Be
 performed by Tommie and David, written by Lennon/McCartney;
What I Know
performed by Tommie and David, written by Trevor Hall;
performed by Erin and David, written by Erin McGaughan.
Rev. Judith Laxer is the founding Priestess of Gaia’s Temple, a Pagan house of worship for the Divine Feminine with over 20 years of service in Seattle. She has been teaching the mysteries for close to 30 years, and her classes in MoonWise Mystery School are about to launch on-line beginning March 22. You can learn more about her work at and


10:45 AM Sunday Fellowship

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12:00 PM Children’s Church Zoom Service  – on 2nd & 4th

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