Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony

Date and Time: Sunday, August 27, 2023 - 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


Kirtan & Cacao Ceremony

with Darren Marc Levene
Meditation Hall
Sunday, August 27th
Love Offering


During this sacred gathering, Darren (often with guest musicians) weaves together call and response singing (kirtan), a cacao ceremony, and heart-centered infused spiritual teachings to create a magical, uplifting experience. Kirtan is call-and-response singing of devotional music. Kirtan invokes the transformational power of sound vibration to still the mind and awaken the heart center. It is uplifting and healing. It unites people of all faiths and backgrounds into a unified field of oneness through which we experience the love and joy inherent to our inner-most beings.

As a devotional Kirtan artist and singer/songwriter, Darren has had a rich and eclectic musical career with more than 30 original songs featured in film and television. Harboring a deep commitment to the awakening of our true-selves through the power of sound, he is devoted to sharing his unique blend of pop/folk inspired melodies and sacred chants with as many people as possible around the world




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