DeCycles Visit – Join the Ride!

Date and Time: Monday, June 17, 2024 — June 19, 2024 - 12:00 am


Seattle Unity is excited to once again host the deCycles, who are leaving from Seattle on June 19th for a 1500 mile bicycle ride along the west coast to Los Angeles! Seattle Unity provided a place for the deCycles to stay overnight in 2000, 2006, and 2010, as you can see from these photos (below).

The deCycles has been leading ecumenical programs for youth since 1970. This trip is possible because of the churches, schools, and firehouses that provide places for the youth and adults to stay overnight. Seattle Unity will contribute by hosting the group from Monday, June 17th through the 19th, giving them a jumping off point here in Seattle.  There’s a few more spaces available if you would like to participate, even just to Portland. You can find more information about this fabulous organization here.



The deCycles, a cross country cycling youth group based in Bloomington, Indiana, will pedal their bicycles over 1500-miles in 23-days from Seattle to Los Angeles along the Pacific Coast. Most of the riders are new to cycling and have trained diligently to prepare for this trip. They will hug the beautiful Pacific Coast shoreline averaging nearly 100-miles each day. Painful uphills, thrilling downhills, headwinds, rain, long days in the saddle, and inherent risks are all part of this endeavor. It will be the most challenging thing they’ve ever done so far in their lives.

The teens and adults on this trip are living examples of how Spirit moves in what most would think is impossible… .1500 miles on a bicycle! But, the impossible happens every day on the road with this group of student cyclists. Our principles of kindness, commitment, faith, and happiness are the foundation for the strength each rider must possess to get down the road. These riders are truly modern day miracles!

The cornerstone of deCycles is not about a bike trip. It is a LIFE trip. There have been over 1600-students in the past 30-years who have accepted this as the most challenging experience in their lives so far. Anyone can grow physically, mentally, and spiritually with this type of “pilgrimage”. Each participant has to reach deep into themselves to connect with Divine Spirit. This empowers them through adversity & exhaustion. The result has been transformational in so many ways.

Hungry, sweaty, and weary, these deCycles riders minister to each other, the public, and church congregations all along the way. Through their stories and music, they inspire all ages to “never give up, no matter how difficult the challenge”, to “listen to your heart and remember we are all wonderful children of our Creator”. The deCycles are grateful for being able to stay overnight at the local church on this poster










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