Time Capsule Letter from Our Congregation

(letter composed by Marcia Rutan)


June 11, 2021
Dear Seattle Unity Congregants and Staff of 2071,We are delighted to reach across the decades and extend our warmest greetings from 2021. As our new church is constructed and prepared for opening in early 2022, we wanted to share with you some mementoes and highlights from the current generation of Seattle Unity. We hope you find these tokens of historical interest and possibly inspiring or entertaining!

2020-2021 has been especially tumultuous and transformational for all of us. Not only was Seattle Unity demolishing and rebuilding, but the world was also in upheaval. The COVID-19 virus slammed all around the planet. The nation held a volatile Presidential election between incumbent Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. And racial injustice became ever more visible as video and social media captured and shared extensively the unjust killings of Black people. We continue to pray, work for, and uphold wholeness, peace, equity, and well-being for all life.

The following items were contributed by congregants and staff of Unity 2021.

Seattle Unity Communications, History, Activities, and Mementoes
Letter from Rev Karen, Senior Minister
Astrology Chart on date of incorporation of Seattle Unity
Building Prayer
2019 Calendar of Seattle Unity Tapestries & Altars
Seattle Unity 2015 Men’s Group Retreat Book
History of Seattle Unity by Scott Caldwell
Wings of Song hymnal
Program of last service in old building
Seattle Unity Visioning (SUV) story by Tom Curran
Two Seattle Unity buttons from pledge campaigns
Latest version [May 2021] of the new building timeline [the "yellow brick road" map]
8 X 8 photo book of the transition by Cindy McComish
6 X 6 photo book of spaces in former building by Megan Howard

General Unity Mementoes
Daily Word March/April 2021
Unity Magazine March/April 2019
Judy Curran with mother and grandparents in Unity Canada

Current Events / Culture Items
(Covid Pandemic, Elections, Race & Social Justice, Climate Change, etc.)
The Nation magazine FEB 22/March 1, 2021
EDF Solutions (Biden administration climate plan)
Black Lives Matter T-shirt
Biden/Harris campaign button
Photo of a yard sign
Photos of COVID window signs: Stay Strong and Thank You to the health workers
Covid Face Mask
Detailed street map of Seattle 2020
Three Seattle Times newspaper editions:

  • Feb 23, 2021: "Nation Grieves 500,000 deaths"
  • May 14, 2021:  "Covid Limits to End June 30"
  • March 14, 2021:  Special Section "A Year of Pandemic"

It’s hard for us to imagine what the world will be like in fifty years. We very much appreciate the historical items preserved for us by previous congregations over the years, and we hope you find these valuable, too.

We fervently pray that the world you live in as you open this time capsule is a world more peaceful, more equitable, more just and more loving than our own. The spiritual lineage of Seattle Unity continues to evolve, deepen, and grow– more than a century when you read this – and we are grateful for Spirit moving through each generation and congregation.

Blessings to all of you!
Seattle Unity Community of 2021