Three Timelines

Where We’ve Been    Who We Are    What We Dream

One of the big This is US ongoing projects is the timeline.

The Seattle Unity Ongoing Home group (Pat Forest, Bonnie Pasek, Roslyn Schley, Linda Tanner, Andrea Carino, Gayle Macy, Cindy Fuda, Didi Graves) are working to create a historical timeline of when Unity started in Seattle. It will include who have been the ministers through the years, where we gathered, the buying of the property, the building of the church… all the nuts and bolts of our history here in Seattle.

We are also creating a second timeline. We call it the human timeline. This timeline consists of all the little human stories and happenings within our community. We are mining the archives for this information.

The third timeline we are creating is the cultural, technological, and political high points of our country and the world during the time we have been in this building.

If you have any events, stories, or ideas that you think would be appropriate for our timelines please email Didi at

Any and all ideas are welcome in the “This is US” collaboration.

See Didi Graves for more information, or email her at