The Story of the Rocks

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Did you know that before our church building was built, Dorothy O’Connor asked the community to collect rocks for the reflecting pool? So for 7 months members collected rocks and put their love, faith and intention into every rock. They then hired a mosaic artist from Bellevue to set the rocks into a pattern in the pool.

Saving the fish in the Reflecting Pool

The reflecting pool flowed completely around the Chapel. At times, it hosted goldfish and water plants; providing a lovely ambiance and sound within our Chapel. When the pool system developed numerous leaks it was drained and ceased functioning as a reflecting pool. The beautiful rock mosaics still show in the sections on the North and South sides of the Chapel.

Casey Longacre came up with a great idea for a This is US project for the Men’s Fellowship Group. He wants to save all of the white rocks that are in the pool. We will creatively display the rocks to tell the story at our exit celebration (whenever that happens). Hopefully we will have enough rocks for anyone who wants to have one, just a tiny piece of all that love, faith and intention on which our community was built and which sustains us still.


Any and all ideas welcome in the “This is US” collaboration.

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