Thanksgiving at Unity – a Bit of History AND a Fresh Outlook!

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KMBT_C364-20151120170745For more than 26 years, Seattle Unity has hosted a commUnity Thanksgiving.

Originally begun by A Course in Miracles participants, it’s been continued faithfully at Seattle Unity by the general commUnity.

Decades ago, Rev. Bob Biddick used to come in at the crack of dawn, to start cooking a turkey (or two, later on). For many years, a service led by Rev. Robbie robbie fahnestockFahnestock was a beloved part of the program, followed by the feast of Thanksgiving.

t Annie 20090207For the past 20 years, Annie Christensen has been the lead chef for this event. When she suddenly realized, in 2014, that it HAD been that long, she promptly announced her retirement, and worked with two volunteers, Gabe Tejada and Heather Pippin, to enable them to take the lead this year.

Seattle Unity’s Feast of Thanksgiving is a place to come and be in commUnity, enjoy each other’s’ cooking, enjoy NOT cooking, celebrate and appreciate the day, and enjoy a delectable meal.

Heather and Gabe at Teen Feed Oct 2015This year (2015), Gabe and Heather request that you bring your potluck dishes to the kitchen preferably on Wednesday, or if needed, on Thursday by 11 am, so they can have everything prepared and ready for the blessing and feast at 12:30 pm.

Here’s a message from Heather:

“Greetings! Many thanks to all of You who have stepped forward to volunteer to help create a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast! Gabe and I are very excited to be organizing the meal this year, and we deeply appreciate the response of folks wanting to pitch in. We are all about keeping things simple and fun, and that is our goal–Ease and Joy!”

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