Sunday Service Podcast June 27th – Diversity in Unity

pride celebration

“So often, Unity gets equated with sameness… and it’s not. Unity is not about sameness.” Associate Minister Diane Robertson leads a vibrant Pride service, a fitting first Sunday for our series on The Alchemy of Compassion. Using stories from history, testimony from congregants, and revelations about her own personal journey, she addresses one of the…

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Sunday Service Podcast January 3rd – Whitestone

“That word white … comes originally from the word leukos, and leukos can also mean bright or brilliant. To me this is the essence of the White Stone ritual. It’s calling out that brilliance in you, that divine quality, that is most needed in this moment, in your life and in the world.” Associate Minister…

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Sunday Service Podcast September 27th – Myrtle’s Gift

Rev. Karen re-visits the core spiritual tool of prayer, in its various forms, as a great way to navigate current challenges.  Examining the healing and affirmation works of Myrtle Fillmore, she encourages us to re-invigorate our prayer practice. Worship Arts include group recordings from Seattle Unity band, Erin McGaughan, Olivia Hamilton, Jesse Whitford, David Loy,…

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