Gratitude from your Seattle Unity Engagement Team

Gratitude from your Seattle Unity Engagement Team   We are so grateful for the fantastic response to our community-wide engagement survey, which ran throughout March. Sixty-four attendees completed the survey, covering a range of topics including preferred formats for worship services, classes and workshops and/or special events. In addition to your responses, helping to prioritize…

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New Building: Time Capsule Ceremony

New Building: Time Capsule Ceremony Thank you to Scott Caldwell, Cindy McComish, Susan Brower and Marcia Rutan for their contributions as part of the Time Capsule team, helping to compile all of he items and draft the letter that was included with a description of items.  A letter from Rev Karen was also included.  And…

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Sunday Service Podcast September 6th – Release & Forgive

human releasing sand to ground

“We take our stuff, we throw it on our back, and then we walk into the next situation, we take down our stuff and we plunk it right into our new situation.  We bring our stuff from the past… and put it right down into our future.” Associate minister Diane Robertson welcomes her ministerial school…

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