Sunday Service Videos December 22nd, 2013—”The Manifestation of Love””

The monthly service theme at Seattle Unity Church for December, 2013, is “Spiritual Catalyst.” Here are the links and players to the music videos and sermon from Sunday, 12-22-2013, with the sermon titled “The Manifestation of Love,” it features an interview with congregant and former minister Ira Hoover, age 93, sharing his wisdom from living such a long life, after 50 years as a minister, and being married for 68 years. The transcript of his remarks is below.

Erin McGaughan Sings “Christmas Time is Here”

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Erin McGaughan Sings “Called to Be”

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Rev. Karen Lindvig Sermon “The Manifestation of Love”

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Erin McGaughan and DIOS Sing “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen”

Watch on YouTube—Rev. Karen Lindvig continues her theme for December, which is to explore aspects of being a spiritual catalyst. In her “The Manifestation of Love” sermon, she reveals the parallels between the story of the life of Jesus which show us how to be a more effective, more loving spiritual catalyst for self and others. In support of this idea, Karen interviews Ira Hoover, a 93 year-old former minister, and member of the Seattle Unity congregation. Ira shares his wisdom from living such a long life, after 50 years as a minister, and being married for 68 years.

Quotations related to this sermon:

Luke 2: 6 While they were there, the time came for her to deliver her child. 7 And she gave birth to her firstborn son and wrapped him in bands of cloth, and laid him in a manger, because there was no place for them in the inn.

Swami Sivananda: “You duty is to treat everybody with love as a manifestation of the Lord.”

Eugenia Price: “God is willing to walk the earth again incarnate in us.”

Key ideas related to this sermon:

1. The birth of the Christ is the manifestation of Love.
2. When we love, we become natural spiritual catalysts.
3. Love is the great healer and harmonizer in the universe.

Remarks of Ira Hoover:

First I’d like to say that when our lovely Pastor told me she wanted to talk about love I got interested right away. [Laughter] That isn’t the exact way she approached it. But it makes a better story that way.

With all the songs that of been written. With all the books that of been written; all the poems that have been written; all the talking that’s been done about love, my feeling is we’ve barely scratched the surface. I realized that God IS love, he doesn’t just HAVE love. God is love, and we are created in His image. And we are all one in love. It’s staggering beyond my comprehension.

And I think everything in life that has been meaningful to me has been involved with love–my wife; my family; the many people in congregations that I loved, and still do. There’s nothing else.

Rev. Karen: How did you find the church of Unity, and how did you transfer from one to religion to another in your 90s?

Well, several things: my wife passed away about two-and-a-half years ago. And I was happy where I was going to church and I found that I needed to expand. I felt I needed something new. I’ve read Unity literature all of my life, and decided to come here–got hooked! [Laughter] I’ve never found so much love and enjoyed giving so much love as here. And I thank you everyone as far as other things, the theology doesn’t matter anyway. [Laughter, applause] I can say that because I know I’ll never stand before another ordination committee. [Laughter, applause] unity holds all of the principles that I believe in, and I’m just very happy here. [Laughter, applause, standing ovation]