Sunday Service Podcast September 9, 2018 – G.R.A.C.E.

Our incredibly funny and engaging guest speaker, Rev. Dr. Martha Creek, spoke on grace and stress.

Stress, tension, and anxiety are part of the human condition. On a spiritual level, all is well. Meanwhile, back here at the ranch, things don’t always SEEM or FEEL like they’re well. What can we do about it?

She discussed the allure of the victim mentality or position, and demonstrated the “victim salute”.

Habits and patterns of criticism, blaming, shaming, etc. all shut us down; creating stress and regressing us to our reptilian brains.

What we need to do is “jump the track”, become a conscious circuit-breaker, and pause while we are in the stress, until we can regulate ourselves and again become present. “Pause…Presence…Proceed”  In this fashion, we can fully access the wiser parts of our brains and differentiate between facts and feelings.

Our guest artist, LaVon Hardison, brought us her gorgeous presence in the wonderful service music.

Sunday’s Program: G.R.A.C.E.

Sunday’s Reading (by Paul Liebert): Falling into Grace