Sunday Service Podcast September 30, 2018 – Jewish Rosh Hashanah & Archetypal Psychology

Michael Bogar suggested that we are here to be called – that we have a “soul’s” code, just as we have a DNA code, and our lives and experiences are in front of us to “crack” this soul’s code.

He illustrated this with two stores, one from his personal life (an external exchange), and one from Eddie Watkins jr, via Facebook (an internal exchange). He presented the “before” scenarios, and then discussed the Jewish rituals of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the purpose of which (as with all traditional spiritual rituals) is to shift our perspective, to wake us up. After that discussion, he illustrated his point with the closing of the two stories.

We can, Michael said, be living a soul’s life every moment of every day.

Our featured artist, Rafe Pearlman, brought us to our feet in ritual group chanting.

Note: “The Soul’s Code Part 2“, a 3-session class based on the book by James Hillman, (and requested by his students who took Part 1),  is being facilitated by Michael here on 3 Wednesdays beginning this Wednesday October 3rd.

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