Sunday Service Podcast October 7, 2018 – Looking Forward

At the first Sunday Service at Metrpolist (our temporary home beginning in the spring of 2019), Rev. Karen talked of Seattle Unity being in the season of winter, and of the need for stopping and pausing; for being still together.

We are a community with a glimpse of spring.

Rev. Karen used an analogy of her time as a wedding coordinator – she noticed that if she began the rehearsal in the middle, rather than the very beginning, things would proceed more smoothly. When we are in these difficult places, she suggested we also start in the middle, allowing us to proceed at a natural rhythm.

Our “home Team” blessed us with uplifting music of all kinds.

At this first service at Metropolist, we did not think we would be able to provide a podcast. Thanks to the magnificence of Nick Charlton, our sound engineer, this is not the case – and here is a slideshow and the podcast of our very first Sunday service at Metrpolist! . Thanks, Nick!