Sunday Service Podcast September 3, 2017 – “The Call of the Promised Land “

In today’s talk Rev. Karen spoke of the story of Exodus, and its applications personally, to our church’s situation in respect to the New Facility Project, and on a planetary scale.

Metaphysically the Exodus story is of the transition from “me” or “sense” consciousness (the Egyptians) to a more generous and holistic consciousness (the Israelites). The name “Moses” means, “to be drawn out”.

You may be pulled forward by many situations – suffering, or going off to college, or a health challenge, or any other big transition. It can feel like you all of a sudden are living in a foreign land, rather than a move to something better.

There’s always a choice point, says Rev. Karen, a place where you ignore circumstances, or meet them head on.

Tae Phoenix, our guest artist, brought the gift of story as well as song to our music this morning.